Aspera talks to Reactive Downhole Tools

Aspera talks to Reactive Downhole Tools


Epicor ERP increases collaboration capabilities for Reactive Downhole Tools

Reactive Downhole Tools one of the newest Aspera Solutions customer has recently completed their implementation of Epicor ERP and we spoke to Taran Paice, ERP Project Manager for Reactive Downhole Tools on their experience post implementation.  Here is what he had to say:


What were the challenges that Epicor ERP from Aspera Solutions solved? “Using multiple systems meant collaboration across the functions within Reactive Downhole Tools was a challenge and Information was fragmented resulting in difficulties to establish real-time position across the whole company.”


Why did you originally choose Epicor ERP and then decide to upgrade?  “Before moving to Epicor, we used a small accounting package in the UK, and a separate manufacturing system in the US. These systems did not interact with each other, so information was separate and fragmented, and often required duplication of data entry. It was difficult to get a real-time position across the whole company without having to pull together information from separate sources. The decision to move forward with Epicor was taken after looking at other ERP systems in the market and a well-presented demonstration of Epicor. The cost was competitive in comparison to some of the other options, and it was recommended from a partner site already using Epicor. The high level of customisations possible within Epicor were also a major factor for the decision.”


Why did you choose Aspera Solutions to provide technical support & guidance for the upgrade?  “Aspera were one of two companies suggested as having the right expertise and experience particularly from a manufacturing perspective. A comparison exercise was carried out between the 2 companies, which included talking directly to existing customers of Aspera, and the decision was made based on favourable feedback from this review.”


What benefits and any specific metrics of these benefits from the upgrade that you can share?  

  • “Significant improvement of access to information from anywhere in the company. Management are now able to easily see the position of the company as a whole, including things like monthly sales, orders in, debtors and creditors.”
  • “Job Costing & Inventory Control: The ability to accurately cost up a production job, see real margins and identify areas with opportunities for improvement, as well as see accurate inventory holdings of the entire company. “
  • “Customer and Sales Access: Ability for sales managers to see all quotes and orders being raised, calculate projected sales and income and analyse sales performance.  Sales managers are able to easily share and view information relative to other customers or similar projects.”

Benefits Summary:

Increased efficiencyTransparency across the whole organisationImproved Customer Management


What would you say if asked about Aspera Solutions?  “Consultants have shown a high technical knowledge of the software and have been available to answer questions and provide guidance when we’ve needed it, helping to ensure a smooth transition into using Epicor.”


What would you say if asked about the Epicor Product?  “Epicor is an effective ERP system which can bring a huge range of business benefits.  There is a lot to the system, it does take some time to learn but there is huge potential for what you can get out of it.  The system is very customisable, making it possible to mold both existing processes and Epicor functionality together without having a compromise too much. “


What would you say if asked about Aspera Support?  “Aspera Support have been generally quick to respond and have been able to provide resolution to most issues raised quickly.  The product knowledge of the staff is excellent, and if any big problems come up they will instantly jump on it.”


Would you recommend Aspera Solutions?  Reactive Downhole Tools said: “Yes, based on the product knowledge of consultants and support staff which was excellent. Also, they are easy to deal with.”



About Reactive Downhole Tools:

Reactive Downhole Tools with headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland and a main manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas, US, are a well-established provider of high performance swellable rubber technology to the Oil and Gas Industry around the world, offering standard and bespoke solutions to a range of clients and demanding environments.   Established in 2012, the company currently operates out of Aberdeen, Houston, Abu Dhabi, Norway and Rio de Janeiro as well as holding a number of representative agreements worldwide.




Company Facts:

  • Location: SME Headquarters Aberdeen, Scotland and main Manufacturing Plant in Houston, Texas, US
  • Industry: Manufacturing – Oil & Gas Industry
  • Website:





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