Benefits of ERP for IT & Infrastructure

Increased Business Flexibility – IT Cost Reduction – Increased Capability – Increased Stability – Increased Flexibility


Increased Business Flexibility by enabling quick response to internal and external changes at lower costs and provide a range of options for the changed requirements.


IT Cost Reduction

  • Legacy system integration and maintenance
  • Mainframe or hardware replacing
  • IT expense and staff for developing and maintaining the system
  • System architecture design and development
  • System modification and maintenance
  • Disparate information reconciliation and consolidation
  • Technology R&D


Increased IT infrastructure capability – Stability

  • Streamlined and standardised company platform
  • Company-wide knowledge base
  • Database performance and integrity
  • IS management transformation and increased IS resource capability
  • Continuous improvement in system process and technology
  • Company-wide maintenance & support


Increased IT infrastructure capability – Flexibility

  • Modern technology adaptability
  • Extendable to external parties
  • Expandable to a range of applications
  • Comparable with different systems
  • Customisable and configurable


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