Benefits of ERP for Management

Better Resource Management – Better Decision Making – Better Performance Control


Better resource management

  • Better asset management for improved cost, depreciation, location, custodian, physical inventory and maintenance records control.
  • Better inventory management for improved inventory turns, stock allocation, quick and accurate inventory information, just-in-time replacement and having a variety of options dealing with various requests.
  • Better production management for optimized supplying chain and production schedules.
  • Better workforce management for improved manpower allocation, and better utilization of skills and experiences.


Better decision making

  • Improved strategic decisions for improved market responsiveness, better profit and cost control, and effective strategic planning.
  • Improved operational decisions for flexible resource management, efficient processes, and quick response to work changes.
  • Improved customer decisions with flexible customer services, rapid response to customer demands and quick service adjustments.


Better performance control in a variety ways at all levels of the organizations.

  • Financial performance control by lines of business, by product, by customers, by geographies or by different combinations
  • Manufacturing performance monitoring, change prediction and quick adjustments
  • Overall operation efficiency and effectiveness management


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