Benefits of ERP for Organisation

Empowerment – Culture Change – Shift Focus – Improved Employment Morale & Satisfaction


Support business organizational changes in structure, and processes



  • Accountability, more value-added responsibility
  • More pro-active users in problem solving
  • Work autonomously
  • Users have ownership of this system
  • Middle management are no longer doers but planners
  • Greater employee involvement in business management
  • Broaden employees’ skills


Changed culture with common visions 

  • Efficient interpersonal communication
  • Inter-disciplinary thinking, coordinate and harmonize differences, and inter-departmental processes
  • Consistent vision across different levels of organization


Drive desired employee behaviour with shifted focus

  • More critical managing and planning matters
  • More concentration on core work (esp. role tailored configurations)
  • Customer and market focus
  • Move from back office to the front office


Improved Employee morale and satisfaction

  • Increased employee satisfaction with better decision making tools
  • Increased employee efficiency of field operations and services
  • Satisfied users for solving problems efficiently
  • Improve morale with better system performance
  • Satisfied employees for better employee service


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