Benefits for Manufacturers when implementing ERP

Benefits for Manufacturers when implementing ERP



Aspera has been working in partnership with manufacturers for over 20 years.  We have an understanding that provides real benefits when implementing and supporting ERP within the manufacturing sector.

We challenge our customers to get the most for their ERP investment thus providing a real platform for growth, expansion and return on investment.

Outlined below are the ERP Benefits for Manufacturers we have seen through our customers implementations and support:

Benefit 1: Streamline key manufacturing business processes with greater adaptability

  • Ability to align key business processes across planning, design, development, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, sales and delivery
  • Management of the overall supply with demand & manage all resources/assets across the value chain

Benefit 2: Decision making with strategic business insight

  • Rich analytical performance measurement tools available to improve the strategic planning and monitor of the overall health of the business
  • 360 degree visibility over forecasts, budgets, correct resource allocation and objectives
  • Ability to respond to business needs in a timely manner maximising on the impact changes can benefit the business

Benefit 3: Improved productivity

  • Improved collaboration across functions to consolidate information, align strategies and standardized operational processes
  • Real time access to one version of the truth formatted to meet their functional needs – Finance, Sales and Production can access the same information providing greater collaboration and customer service
  • Easy access to data and critical documents with truly mobile ERP

Benefit 4: Enhanced customer satisfaction levels

  • MRP provides improved delivery dates, stock availability, products manufactured as required
  • Faster time to market and accurate information available more readily to customers
  • Embedded CRM to ensure single source for all customer interactions and strong service level focused.  Full after sales service through CRM and Customer QC process including complaints, queries, RMA and traceability

Benefit 5: Manage demand pro-actively

  • Improve customer demand forecasts with sales history combined with customer forecasts, taking into account seasonal and promotional factors
  • Use simulations, demand models and error analysis to determine optimum stock levels for better profit and operational margins

Benefit 6: Increase revenue opportunity

  • Improved business control of profit margin at estimation / quotation stage through improved real-time availability of material and resource costs, and quotation approval control across sales, engineering and finance
  • Improved cash flow through more efficient and accurate billing procedures, lower inventory and quicker turnaround
  • New opportunities identified through improved visibility across capacity planning and real-time monitoring of KPI’s
  • New sales opportunities through integrated eCommerce and customer portals (B2B & B2C)

Benefit 7: Reduced operating costs

  • Manual processes across multiple systems replaced by streamlined processes across one system with process visibility, control and management
  • Reduced inventory management costs through accurate forecasting and optimised warehouse management
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Reduced cost of sales via new sales channels e.g. eCommerce and customer portals
  • Lean Manufacturing fully supported

Benefit 8: Improved visibility and reduced costs across the supply chain

  • Connect inventory, production, purchasing and sales processes to gain accurate view of the entire supply chain
  • Improved collaboration and trading partners e.g. EDI, supplier portals ….
  • Role tailored views of data in real-time data to manage tasks, and view KPI’s and reports
  • Control inventory costs with inventory and warehouse management, including RF handhelds and bar-coded labels/documents

Benefit 9: Control and streamline inventory

  • MRP and inventory management tools improve forecasting and planning, to match supply with demand = > reduced stock levels
  • Create sales and purchasing forecasts based on specific customers and time periods

Benefit 10: Improve material and product traceability

  • Track materials from purchase, through production and sales with lot and location control
  • Implement effective recall procedures and maintain complete forward and backward traceability of any material

Benefit 11: Support the various manufacturing models

  • Tailor the ERP to serve Engineer-to-Order (ETO), Make-to-Order (MTO), Make -to Stock (MTS), Assemble-to-Order (ATO)
  • Meet specific customer needs from design, to assembly, testing, shipping, installation and maintenance
  • Efficiently produce products that follow custom formulas, recipes and take full advantage of manufacturing and supply chain capabilities

Benefit 12: Gain insight and control

  • Track budgeted versus actual costs in real-time to enable corrective action
  • Track job, project sales margins in real-time as production proceeds
  • Users and manager have real-time access to personal and business KPI’s


Finally, if you choose to select and implement Epicor ERP one key benefit for all Epicor users is:

Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Superuser toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System.  This allows trained superusers to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.


Hope you found this post helpful, if have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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