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It it imperative in today’s business environment that organisations have a “Customer Relationship Management” (CRM) solution that keeps them ahead of the curve. CRM is fundamental to improving overall efficiency, customer satisfaction and aid growth within the current and potential customer base.

Customer Relationship Management controls every aspect of a company’s interaction with its customers and potential customers, and is a key component to managing a successful customer life-cycle:



generating the lead –  developing the opportunity – taking the order – producing and shipping and/or supplying the goods or services –  getting the cash and supporting the customer



Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) solutions further enhances Epicor CRM solution, delivering up-to-date contextual information to key stakeholders for the life of the customer relationship. Using ESE, customers, prospects, partners can collaborate with internal information workers to help ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction.


Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive contact management, making the ability to keep in touch with your customers a seamless process; Integration with E-Mail, Unlimited call notes,
  • Ability to manage sophisticated sales requirements with the support of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Generation of estimates, quotes and sales orders with multiple customer profiles and system sources
  • Unique shipping requirements based on the customers wants and needs
  • Complete view of your entire customer base, supplier, or partner relationship throughout the relationship life-cycle
  • Increase effectiveness, responsiveness and customer satisfaction by having your customers full details available from anywhere and across multiple functions



Epicor CRM and Sales Management modules are built to be added to the ERP solution providing a complete solution:


Contact ManagementLead & Opportunity Management
Case ManagementMarketing Management
Mobile ConnectEstimate Management
Quote ManagementOrder Management
Demand ManagementAdvanced EDI
eCommerceRetail Point of Sale
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