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Are you wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple business entities?  Epicor Global Business Management helps to ensure no matter how large or how many sites you business has you can manage them efficiently and drive business results.

Managing disparate business units offers unique challenges and opportunities with respect to centralised or distributed operational control, enterprise-wide visibility, inter-company supply chain management, and financial consolidation. To support the needs of today’s increasingly distributed business, Epicor offers robust global business functionality within its design.

Alongside comprehensive multi-company functionality is end-to-end multi-site management which provides companies with multiple facilities and flexible options when setting up operations. Some companies may prefer to run most business functions centralized within the same company but at multiple facilities, or they may run completely separate company entities with the ability to consolidate financial information at month or quarter-end. However you choose to define your business, Epicor supports transnational functions between systems and entities including inter-company transactions such as inter-company orders, transfer orders, and shipments between plants and warehouses.

Epicor facilitates these scenarios within a single application that is flexible enough to grow with you as you expand your business. Epicor Global Business Management offers organizations the essential tools needed to create and maintain a single version of the truth.


Features & Benefits

  • Consolidate your entire business under the one end to end ERP Solution – Multi-sites, multi-currency’s managed within the one end to end ERP solution
  • Epicor supports 30 languages – language flexibility supported by Unicode is standard within the Epicor solution – Multinational users using one system
  • Operational information produced locally cascades upwards into a single system for a full global view – enabling businesses to forecast and plan effectively – Real Time Reporting
  • Performance that can be measured against internal and international standards including FASB GAAP, and IAS and reporting standards such as IFRS and more



Modules for Global Business Management


Multi-company ManagementGlobal Multi-site Management
Multi-currency ManagementMultilingual Data Management
Master Data Management


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