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Understanding Governance, Risk and Compliance can sometimes be an formidable challenge for any company – Epicor Governance, Risk and Compliance helps companies stay above the curve with compliant issue and ensures that all employees are aware of the implications of non-compliance.

Epicor Governance, Risk and Compliance provides modules that help with your companies adherence to published Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) standards in corporate and financial governance, as well as international accounting and financial reporting standards and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), whilst also incorporating support for international trade standards such as RoHS, WEEE, and NAFTA. Epicor GRC is designed to tackle compliance requirements and aid in corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Features & Benefits

  • Reduce exposure to risk with table and field level audit tracking, enhance controls and enforce policies with integral business process management, and model and manage processes efficiently with business-defined workflows
  • Epicor Governance, Risk & Compliance functionality provides your businesssecurity management practices that support data tier security settings right down to securing objects like forms, fields, reports, menus, and business service method calls
  • Environmental and energy management satisfying corporate social responsibility and cost savings using strategic sourcing, logistics planning, product life-cycle management and virtualisatioin
  • Lean supply chain management (SCM) and global trade compliance including definition of global trade standards for items and bar codes, such as UPC UCC-12, EAN UCC-13, EAN UCC-8, and GTIN-14
  • Full Organisational financial visibility and control with financial reporting, planning, while all the time the Epicor ERP system complies with corporate, finance, and global trade standards




Epicor Governance , Risk & Compliance Modules


Governance & Security

Risk Management
Environmental & Energy Management
Global Trade Compliance


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