Epicor ERP is a Champion & Excellent Value…

Epicor ERP is a Champion & Excellent Value…


When selecting an ERP solution for your business you have multiple vendors or suppliers you can approach, research and review which makes the research and selection process quite daunting.  Our ERP Selection Series has been created to help you and other businesses remove the complexities from ERP selection.

One area that will help you with your selection is reviewing what independent experts are saying about ERP solutions, such as Info-Tech Insight, Gartner, Select Hub, Panorama Consulting, Forrester to mention a few.  One such report is the Info-Tech Insight recently published.  Below we discuss the report while also demonstrating through the Epicor ERP results how to interpret similar research.

Epicor ERP at a very high level – delivers flexible, industry-specific business solutions designed to ease complexity and drive growth for your manufacturing, distribution, retail, food and beverage or service business.

Below is an explanation on the structure of the report and them we move into the results of the report.


Structure of the Report

The report outlines three areas that should be considered when selecting your ERP solution;

  1. Focus on data management tools: How can your data be analysed and protected?
  2. Long-term value will be in the analytics: Is business intelligence and workflow automation comprehensive and flexible?
  3. Ease of use: Does the ERP solution promote role based configuration rather than customisation?

The vendors landscape Info-Tech focused on are those vendors that offer broad capabilities across multiple platforms and that have a strong market presence and/or reputation presence among mid and large-sized enterprises which Epicor was one of them.

The criteria for evaluation of the ERP Vendors under review was based on two areas Product and Vendor.

Product Evaluation Criteria

Features – The solution provides basic and advanced feature/functionality.

Usability – The end-user and administrative interfaces are intuitive and offer streamlined workflow.

Affordability – Implementing and operating the solution is affordable given the technology.

Architecture – Multiple deployment options and extensive integration capabilities are available.

Vendor Evaluation Criteria

Viability – Vendor is profitable, knowledgeable, and will be around for the long term.

Strategy – Vendor is committed to the space and has a future product and portfolio road-map.

Reach – offers global coverage and is able to sell and provide post-sales support.

Channel – Vendor channel strategy is appropriate and the channels themselves are strong.

Report Highlights for Epicor ERP 

Here is the summary of what they had to say about Epicor ERP when compared to other ERP solutions such as  Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Infor ……… and so on.  Remembering as you go through the research report you apply your set of business requirements and features/functional required from the ERP solution you wish to implement.

NB : Have a clear set of business requirements and features/functionality required by your ERP solution

Epicor ERP after review is placed within the champions zone and a leading product.  The Champions receive high scores for having the most evaluation criteria and offer excellent value.  A champion vendor has a strong market presence and are usually trend setters for the ERP industry.   Other zones that the products could be placed in were; Champion Trailing Product, Innovator Leading or Trailing Product,Emerging Player Leading or Trailing Product, Market Pillar Leading or Trailing Product.

Info-Tech research use a Harvey ball method to record the research results for example a score of four becomes a full Harvey Ball, a score of three becomes a 3/4 Harvey Ball, a score of two becomes a 1/2 Harvey Ball, a score of one becomes a 1/4 Harvey ball and a score of zero becomes an empty Harvey Ball.  This method allows the reader to easily understand the scores against a particular vendor.

Under the question for best fit Epicor was rated 3/4 Harvey Ball, with affordability/value a full Harvey Ball.  The value score which Epicor scored 100% is based on the product offering and business strength relative to its price point.  Vendors such as Epicor that score high in this classification offer more bang-for-the-buck with features, usability, stability than the average vendor.

Value Award = Epicor The feature set and additional tools are above average for the price point.




Credible research studies have a minimum criteria for the subject to be included in the research study.  So for the Info-Tech Insights ERP research the minimum criteria is detailed below:

  • Reconcile-to-Report (Financial management (general ledger, PO reconciliation, tax rationalization)).
  • Order-to-Cash (Basic CRM and order management.)
  • Procure-to-Pay (Basic asset management and accounts payable.)
  • Hire-to-Retire (HR) (Basic human resources information and management.)
  • Technical Architecture (A technical architecture that supports add-ons and integration with common reporting tools.)

To fully assess a product offering the report delved deeper into the product features under the following categories:

  • Analytics and reporting (In-application statistics and data visualization for reporting to internal and external stakeholders.)
  • Mobile applications (Mobile-specific application that is functional on a tablet or HTML5/responsive design browser.)
  • Multi-site ERP functionality (Rationalization of the financial statements and budgeting needs across multiple locations.)
  • Integration with end-user tools (Connectors to support productivity in a regulated manner within the corporate environment.)
  • Exception management (The mechanisms for managing exceptions to normal processes.)
  • Industry specific modules (The number of industries out of these ten large categories: pharmaceuticals, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, distribution, communication, real estate, government, higher
    education, that have specific modules across all ERP uses.)
  • Horizontal support (Support for typical ERP centric activities such as accounts payable, HR, supplier management, customer orders (SKUs, POS, etc.), and partner payments.)
  • BPM support (Support for more expansive business processes that require additional application or information sources other than only the ERP system.)
  • Document management (Documents related to a ERP process are stored, accessed, and integrated into processes.)
  • Application Development Platform (Platform for customizing branding and business critical unique processes.)


Every vendor/product offers a different set of features so ensure you concentrate on what your business requires from their ERP system.  For example one key benefit for Epicor ERP is role based configuration which is a standard feature.  It can be explained for the technical reader “Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Superuser toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System.  This allows trained superusers to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.”

Epicor ERP was placed as best suited for Manufacturing (all types) and Distribution sectors by Info-Tech.  Within the Niche sectors Epicor was placed as best suited within the Mining, Oil & Gas companies.


VALUE is 100% – First out of the 10 Vendors/Products review


Champion – Leading Product

“Epicor is Extensible, single interface for supporting worker needs that extend beyond just ERP”


  • Epicor is a comprehensive upper mid-market ERP platform, primarily for manufacturing, distribution, food & beverage.
  • Epicor is innovative in its adoption of social tools for real business


  • Flexible Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows enterprises to model business rules and minimize customization.
    Strong and consistent UI for non-IT users.
    Excellent integration for linking a wide range of content into the data warehouse.
    Embedded functionality reduces integration costs.
  • Epicor provides a strong mobile platform for sales-focused organizations


In Summary,

  1. Have a clear set of business requirements and features/functionality required by your ERP solution when reviewing material about vendor offerings.
  2. Within your research look at what the independent advisers are saying about vendors and products.
  3. Focus on data management tools: How can your data be analysed and protected?
  4. Long-term value will be in the analytics: Is business intelligence and workflow automation comprehensive and flexible?
  5. Ease of use: Does the ERP solution promote role based configuration rather than customisation?


When you put Epicor ERP and Aspera together a business gets flexibility, sector knowledge and partnership that does not just last for the implementation but goes beyond with real and tangible business benefits.


Drop us a line or email and lets have a chat about your ERP solution we would be delighted to answer your questions – we create partnerships and projects that succeed – together we have the winning way

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