Epicor – Service Management

Putting knowledge into the hands of customer service personnel and creating timely responses to customers requests is key to effective customer management and with Epicor ERP Service Management your business can achieve just this.

Understanding what customers want and having the ability to respond is also key to customer service.  Epicor’s ERP Service Management caters for the initial contact with your customer, in the field operations to processing of returns efficiently.

Additionally, Maintenance Management helps you get the most out of your own capital assets, reducing costs, improving predictability and productivity, and deferring additional capital expenditure.


Features & Benefits

  • Customer responsiveness that is fast, effective and meaningful to your customers, whilst provide the correct information around contracts, warranties and compliance
  • Service management within Epicor ERP solution directs the user to collect detailed information at the point of initial contact which in turn can reduce your service response time.
  • Effective case management supported through each of the functional areas – allowing for roles and responsibilities to be monitored and maximised to the greatest effect on your service response.
  • Maintenance records within Epicor will allow your business to prefrom preventative maintenance for your customers
  • One centre for service call processing with field service dispatching, scheduling, alerts, and mobile device interaction



Service Management Modules



Mobile Field ServiceContract Management
Maintenance ManagementReturned Material Authorisation


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