Epicor – Solution Architecture

Epicor ERP – a new concept in software: an agile, next-generation business architecture. Epicor leveraged years of development experience on 100% Microsoft® .NET SOA framework to create a business architecture called Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE). It considers all logic, including the client, as “business services”, so all Epicor next-generation enterprise applications can be manipulated using Epicor business process management (BPM) and Epicor Service Connect. Epicor True SOA™ also features the Epicor Everywhere™ Framework, a unique technology that stores all client business logic as XML metadata. This permits Epicor applications to run as smart clients, or web clients, or on mobile devices, all from the same source code.

Epicor ERP, an easy-to-use ERP solution designed to meet the needs manufacturing, distribution, service, and food manufacturing companies.  Epicor ERP is delivered ‘out-of-the-box’ with built-in workflow processes that enable companies to manage the entire order cycle: from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Delivery, Installation and Service, and finally Financial recognition.

Epicor ERP streamlines business processes and provides access to real-time business critical information, while supporting the drive for a paperless office. Because the entire Epicor ERP solution streamlines the order cycle, an enterprise can maximise its resources, minimise its costs and improve profitability.

Epicor designs and builds its enterprise applications from the ground up using state of the art connected systems architecture.  A connecting systems focus was chosen because ERP thrives best as a high-performing approachable service, connecting people, systems and processes. Business strategy today is so very tightly coupled with technology strategy. And technology is partly responsible for shaping the culture within a company that ultimately drives competitiveness.

The pace of technical change worldwide is also unlike anything seen in history. Successful companies recognize and manage how to benefit from technology without becoming trapped by their old practices and systems when new technologies come online. This is what business architecture is all about. Good architecture separates concerns, allowing areas of the business to evolve independently while also relying on each other to contribute to the success of the organization.


Features & Benefits

  • Ease-of-use and Ease-of-Implementation – In order to keep information system costs at an absolute minimum, every part of Epicor ERP is optimised for rapid installation, low training costs, simple operation, easy modification, and cost-effective expansion.
  • Support
    s the informational requirements of the group/organisation – Enables the members of the group/organisation to interact with each other to optimise use of the company’s resources.
  • Offers flexibility and scalability to support ongoing business growth and the dynamically changing nature of your business.
  • Attractive and easy to use interface through state of the art Service Oriented
  • A system fully architectured on Microsoft .NET which future proofs and protects your investment in technology.
  • A system architecture which offers device independence & seamless integration with third party software/applications



Business Architecture for Epicor ERP

  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Microsoft.NET Framework
  • Epicor Everywhere Framework
  • Web Services
  • Operating System and Database Independence
  • Information Worker
  • Web 2.0
  • Business Process Management
  • Updatable BAQs and Dashboards
  • Service Connect



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