Epicor Support Policy Changes Explained

Epicor Support Policy Changes Explained


Epicor Support Policies Have Changed … here’s what you need to know!


Epicor recently announced major changes to how they will support older versions of Epicor ERP.

Until now, they have been one of only a few major ERP vendors to support every version of the software produced. So, whether you are using Epicor Vantage or Epicor 10, you could still expect to receive the same level of support and an ongoing stream of software patches.  So, what has changed?

Firstly, we will explore what Epicor have said : –

Epicor ERP Life-cycle Support

Our Support Life-cycle commitment for Epicor ERP provides a simple, predictable, manageable and reliable road-map to help you plan for your own digital transformation, while also giving you the peace of mind that Epicor will be there to support you and your business needs.

Active Support
Up to 2 years for GA
Sustaining Support
2+ years from GA (no expiration)
Access to Latest Releases *
Security Updates **
Existing Updates Only
Critical Patch Updates **
Existing Updates Only
Compliance & Regulatory Updates **
Existing Updates Only
Online Knowledge base & Content
Application & Technical Support Service
Full Access
Online Request Only
Available and Response of Application & Technical Support
Standard Service Level - Targets and Hours
Potentially Modified Service
Level Targets and Hours
New Issue Investigation (Undocumented Issues)
Available for Fee
Customisation Service
Available for Fee
Upgrading Existing Only
Implementation ServiceAvailable for Fee
Not Available
Purchase Additional Modules
Not Available
Purchase Additional Users


* Includes verified compatibility with most new 3rd party current product releases.

** Must be on supported operating systems, databases and hardware. All fixes are subject to approval.

Our Analysis

If you are running a version of Epicor ERP that is older than 2 years from it’s release date, then:

  • Epicor will no longer issue new patches. If you run into a serious bug and a fix is not already available, then you will have to upgrade.
  • Security updates, other than those already available, will not be developed which may make your system vulnerable. This could have serious implications if you have specific compliance requirements.
  • You, and Aspera, if logging calls on your behalf, will no longer be able to access the Epicor support team by telephone. Instead you can only use the online support portal.
  • You will be able to purchase additional users for the functionality you have already purchased however you will no longer be able to extend that functionality by buying additional modules. You will have to upgrade.
  • The Epicor service teams will no longer provide customisation or consultancy services.

Epicor is providing a transition period for some of the older releases to allow customers additional time to plan and complete their move to the latest Epicor ERP release. The first of these finishes at the end of March 2018 for those running Vista, Vantage and Epicor 9.

As well as changes to support, Epicor have published their Release Cadence (see below). Essentially a new version will be released every 18 months. This means that to maintain full support you will need to upgrade at least every 2 years i.e. every other major version.

Aspera will continue to support and provide services for customers running older versions however we are subject to the same restrictions leading to situations where an upgrade may be the only viable option.

We recommend that you start budgeting for regular upgrades. Once on the current version, it is a simpler process to stay current than to stay on one version for many years and then leap across multiple versions.

If you are on Vantage or Epicor 9, Epicor have developed tools that can help analyse your ERP environment and automate some elements of the upgrade process.  We can then help you to focus on testing and updating your customisations and reports for the new version.

This policy change affects all Epicor users and we understand that you will have queries so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to better understand your options and learn how Aspera can help you to upgrade to the latest version and stay current.

Call us on +353 (0)1 461 1700 or +44 (0)845 862 0864 or Contact us 


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