ERP Trends to watch out for in 2018

ERP Trends to watch out for in 2018


ERP trends in 2018 remain similar to the trends in 2017 with one key exception – there is increased excitement about the newer ERP solutions whilst reservation on their stability still remains.  Our ERP experts have indicated that there are 4 key trends to be mindful of when selecting an ERP solution for your business during 2018 are:

IoT (The Internet of Things)

ERP systems will increasingly be connected to IoT, tapping into data from systems & technology on the factory floor with machine efficiency data and other “big data” harvested from sensors.

  • “Big data” will deliver greater visibility into smaller and more subtle changes.
  • Decision makers will assess this information at the touch of a button on or off site 24/7 unlike previous systems.
  • This data brings the potential to improve overall efficiencies and generate additional cost savings for businesses.
  • Big data will simplify the decision-making process, allowing management to be more agile and efficient.
  • Big Data will continue to enable companies in their business, helping them discover new market opportunities, revenue trends, and customer requirements for new product applications.

Collaborative ERP

ERP systems will have additional tools for of social collaboration that will slowly replace e-mail and reduce reliance on outside systems for communication.

Conversations will increasingly be kept inside the walls of the ERP system bringing an enhanced layer of security for business data. This will include;

  • Inbuilt tools for instant messaging (driven by users and ERP data).
  • New forums and special interest groups tailored to business news.
  • Specific messages and notifications directly shared with appropriate personal.
  • Extend the collaborative platform beyond ERP users and even into the supply chain.
  • It will promote input and contribution.
  • True collaboration is achievable
  • Rapid Innovation
  • Like with anything, the future requires simpler and faster technology. ERP software provides large & medium sized organisations with a means to adapt faster to market changes which has always been a challenge.
  • Seamless movement between applications and devices using ERP via smart client, browsers, mobile device or MS Office simultaneously seamlessly
  • ERP will increasingly help support product lifecycles and help the delivery of new products faster to market; All modules are in a single application and database which support users through quick and easy data entry and access to information. The quicker a company can go from concept to market launch, the better it can grow influence markets and business models.

 Mobile availability

  • Mobile devices will continue to spearhead connectivity in the field.
  • Management will have global access to everything from dashboards to in-depth charts and displays
  • Field service automation that is truly mobile and meets the demands of the modern field/service teams

 More organizations will be forced off their legacy ERP systems.

As the ERP vendors move into the cloud solution sphere, updates and new functionality will be driven through keeping your ERP solution current. Also some vendors will reduce the R&D investment in their legacy offerings.  Therefore the demand to upgrade will be greater with limited support on offer for the older legacy ERP solutions.  Business executives are more likely to weigh up their options and move to another solution than their legacy ERP system.  There will be two avenues considered; upgrade or invest in new but either option will result in the business being forced off their legacy solution.


So how does Epicor relate to the ERP trends in 2018 and beyond

Epicor delivers for your business in 2018 & Beyond summed up in 

  • Epicor ERP software is a visionary blend of agile technology and global functionality to connect and inspire growth and opportunities in your business.
  • Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Super user toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System.  This allows trained super users to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.
  • Epicor FSA – Field Service Automation – truly mobile
  • Your choice of deployment, your choice of device – it’s ERP done your way we offer the complete solution for your business in 2018 and long into the future.

In summary, Epicor ERP will remain the backbone of medium or large business in 2018 software updates and increased functionality, integration ability, and openness to interface for users on and off site will be key.


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