ERP Trends to watch out for in 2017

ERP Trends to watch out for in 2017


ERP Trends for 2017

So what are the trends in 2017 – what should we be mindful of when looking at ERP solutions, to answer this question we asked one of the Senior Solutions Consultants in Aspera Solutions.  They provided a list with five key areas:


Collaborative ERP

  • Inbuilt tools for instant messaging (driven by users and ERP data)
  • Build forums and special interest groups
  • Messages and notifications directly driven by ERP activity
  • Extend the collaborative platform beyond ERP users and even into the supply chain
  • Promotes input and contribution
  • True collaboration


Mobile Apps for Windows/Android/Apple

  • Intuitive Apps available for all devices
  • Apps built to work seamlessly such as with Epicor ERP
  • Time/Expense/Sales/Service Management
  • All apps built by Epicor for Epicor


ERP Access Anywhere

  • Access ERP from any device on any platform
  • Dynamic screen resolution functions
  • Use on PC’s, lap tops, tablets or even smart phones e.g. Epicor ERP


ERP via Desktop Productivity Tools

  • Click to your ERP solution from MS Office
  • View ERP solution data directly from Outlook/Word/Excel
  • Carry that data with you when offline for remote access
  • Create and modify ERP data from within MS Office


Seamless Productivity Integration

  • Move between applications and devices seamlessly
  • Use ERP via smart client, browser, mobile device or MS Office simultaneously
  • Truly integrated ERP
  • All modules in a single application and database (see example of modules below)
Financial ManagementProduction Management MRPProduct Data Management
Planning & SchedulingShop Floor OperativesSupply Chain Management
Project ManagementService ManagementGovernance, Risk & Compliance
Global Business ManagementHuman Resource Management (HRM)Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Business Intelligence (BI)Executive DashboardsReal Time Reporting


So the key trends are quite simple and in summary –  take ERP anywhere, fully integrated with MS Office tools allowing the user to move seamlessly through applications and all modules in the one system.


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