Medical Device Companies choose Epicor ERP to drive growth

Medical Device Companies choose Epicor ERP to drive growth


How can Epicor ERP and Aspera help Medical Device companies today?  All business have their challenges some are unique to them and others are global issues.   To put things into context lets look at what is Epicor ERP and who is Aspera solutions.

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Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrates all the business functions into one complete system and enables streamlining of processes across the entire organisation.  Epicor ERP has been designed to enable growth by providing the platform for Collaboration, Choice, Responsiveness, Simplicity and Mobility

When you put Epicor ERP and Aspera together a business gets flexibility, sector knowledge and partnership that does not just last for the implementation but goes beyond where we provide real and tangible business benefits.  So a little bit about Aspera; We have over 20 years experience delivering full cycle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.  We are the largest award winning Epicor partner across the UK and Ireland.  We create partnerships and provide leadership through Aspera’s core business values of Excellence, Responsiveness and Partnership which places our customers at the centre of everything we do.


Medical device companies typically encounter at least one and usually multiples of the following business challenges. Epicor ERP and Aspera have successfully enabled our customers to resolve these challenges head on and as a result derive tangible business benefits.



Business IssueEpicor Enterprise Software Solution (ERP)
Simplify the process of validation and reduce the cost of staying compliant. Reduce the risk of future compliance requirements. Built with a flexible web service SOA architecture, Epicor offers flexible controls of processes to meet new requirements. Acceptance of electronic records and electronic signatures. Validation tools and services to assist your company in certification.
Product data and quality Epicor Enhanced and Advanced Quality Management – supports all quality issues such as non-conformance reporting, product complaints, and audits.
Product Trace ability
Serial number tracking, inventory management and better management of the supply chain. Ensure full traceability from production to use (Deep Lot number and Low-level serial number) Epicor provides full FDA Title 21 lot traceability as well as serialisation of end products and sub components.
Product Life-cycle Management (PLM)Collect product documentation and transactions through the product life-cycle from testing to dispatch which enables comprehensive reporting to the regulators.
Product Change ManagementComprehensive change control and workflow within the Engineering Workbench to ensure multiple levels of authorisation and electronic change sign off.
Moving from paper-based to paperless manufacturingCentralised inventory management and real-time interaction. Integrates all business processes and interfaces with other systems. Paperless processing enabled across work orders, time entry, quality data, approvals, linked drawings & certification etc.
Compliant Document Management Solution
Product documentation is as much part of the product as the product itself. With the embedded functional within Epicor Advanced Quality Management, product life-cycle management and auto print control. Including electronic signature and autorisation.
Customer service – recalls, complaint and warranty managementEpicor’s CRM is an enterprise solution that supports effective complaint tracking and an escalation workflow that is fully visible to quality and manufacturing functions.

Efficiency through an agile supply chain
Epicor ERP and/or EDI enables process automation lowering transactional costs, reduction of errors and increasing response times.
Process automation for the shop floor and inventory controlEpicor ERP provides the basis to optimise process control specially in terms of speed, efficiency and resource allocations – audit-able process management system.
Improving Order FulfillmentEpicor ERP and MES (integrated ERP and real-time data collection) allows for powerful scheduling and planning, sales order management.
Inventory ControlControl inventory costs with inventory and warehouse management, including RF handhelds and bar-coded labels/documents.
Supply Chain Collaboration
Epicor Service Connect supports optimum collaboration flexibility with a 100% Service Orientated Architecture coupled with a completed ERP.
Quality, Returns & Recall
Complete audit trails of production process, including material lots, production process used, in process quality checks and results - checks and balances to avoid recall.
Secure mobile access to data
Epicor mobile solution enable companies to easily deploy and manage mobile services to field/remove users anytime and anywhere.
Customer Focus
Embedded CRM to ensure single source for all customer interactions and strong service level focused. Improved call centre, campaign, promotional and order management.
Operational Visibility
Epicor is a fully integrated solution for Medical Device manufacturers providing complete visibility of all processes under one solution that acts as a platform for embedded business intelligence, reporting in real time and meaningful collaboration across the business.
Sales & Marketing
Sales & Marketing functionality backed up with eCommerce solutions supported through enterprise software removing reliance on direct sales resources.
Lean Manufacturing & Continuous Improvement
Epicor ERP supports Lean Manufacturing through its ability to highlight and reduce waste in numerous business and manufacturing processes, along with continuous process improvement.
Finance Control & Regulatory Controls
USA and EU Tax compliance, GST and VAT Control, improved Financial Control & Multi-company consolidation/management. Facilitate compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11, ISO 13485, cGMP , RoHS (and more)
Managing Multiple Site Organisations
Complete support for multi-plant / multi-company environments along with a global support network to support multinational efforts.



A Key Benefit for all Epicor Users

Epicor is built on native Microsoft technology platforms based on an SOA architecture and REST services.  As standard there is a Superuser toolkit allowing for the modification of the database, screen customisation/configuration and the application of localised and company based business rules and workflow.  Custom/configured changes delivered through the toolkit have no impact on the core logic of the ERP System

This allows trained superusers to take full control of the application without any risk of interrupting core business logic and also allows for all changes to upgrade with the standard application.


Hope you found the above helpful for when you are selecting your businesses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

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