Epicor ERP

Epicor ERP provides a complete end to end solution that integrates all the various functions into one complete system that streamlines processes and information across the entire organisation.

  • Reach new markets, expand product lines and grow your business with deep industry and country specific functionality.
  • Drive improved customer experience and accelerate the digital transformation of your business.
  • Expand collaboration within your company and throughout your supply chain with social and commerce solutions.
  • Respond quickly to changing demands with configurable real-time mobile capabilities.


Some of Epicor ERP key benefits at a glance:

  • Efficiency – Removal of manual and time consuming tasks
  • Real Time Reporting – Business decisions are enabled with real time reporting resulting in “Better Business Decisions”
  • Mobility – Conduct your business anywhere
  • Improved Customer Service – streamlined processes improve customer time lines
  • Agility – business should have the ability to change with the moving global markets
  • Improved Data Security – better user permission settings keeping all sensitive information protected
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Discover the Industry-Specific ERP Built to Enable Growth

Explore five key principles that deliver faster time to value


Epicor ERP provides the platform to improve and increase collaboration within your organisation.  Epicor software introduces exciting new applications and technologies that can aid the reinvention of collaboration, both internally and externally, leveraging the knowledge and experience of the people and systems connected together throughout the supply chain.

  • Epicor Social Enterprise (ESE) brings familiar social collaboration tools to the workplace, using techniques established in social networks to allow our customers to quickly share and consume information from deep within their ERP.
  • Share key information with Epicor ERP – bring users and colleagues together to share critical information contained within one end to end ERP solution.
  • Watch as issues and challenges get resolved and teams react to changes and leverage opportunities to benefit the business overall.
  • ESE provides a platform for real meaningful collaboration, that breaks down the barriers between ERP users and non-ERP users, it was built to remove the silos that can be formed around and within departments – allowing an organization to leverage the full capability of all its employees.


Epicor ERP Provides Choice

Choice and flexibility within Epicor ERP – your ERP solution – your deployment method whether on premise, hosted or cloud – with access from their PC, tablet or mobile devices

Providing the freedom to shape your relationship with ERP Solution.

  • With an innovative, agile technology architecture at the foundation, Epicor ERP delivers deployment and device choice in a single solution.
  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime, and on any device puts users in the driver’s seat to interact with technology on their terms.
  • Drives richer user experiences to foster and inspire innovation.


Epicor ERP Makes your Company More Responsive

An ERP solution that is easy to use, that your employees become productive with very quickly, and delivering high performance and scalability.

  • Epicor ERP for faster ROI, with enhanced performance, scalability and ease of deployment to promote business agility and growth.
  • Epicor ERP drives more immediate relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners – with access to information as it’s happening – empowering business to act with speed and efficiency – Real Time Reporting
  • Epicor ERP provides you with the tools to streamline upgrades, the agility to respond to change, and the performance to ensure adoption.


A Great User Experience for Everyone

Epicor ERP simplifies the user experience for everyone.

  • with unprecedented ease-of adoption, from management of implementation and upgrades, to the ease with which casual users can access information-spurring innovation.
  • Windows friendly screens provides users with the ability to adopt to their new system faster.
  • Building and maintaining connections is easier – driving more productive business relationships.
  • Touch enabled user experience consistent with consumer apps/devices people engage with daily.
  • Simplified technology stack – 100% Microsoft – makes upgrades easier, keeping customisations intact — design once, deploy to all devices and user interfaces.


ERP Designed for Today’s Workforce

Epicor ERP empowers your workforce across all devices with a consistent user experience – designed for the way we work today.

  • Independence – you work the way you want to from anywhere, on any device – facilitating efficiency and faster decision making.
  • Web access capabilities enhanced for ease of use and better performance; real-time information across the business drill-down dashboards.
  • Epicor ERP integrates all touch-points throughout the extended enterprise, making it easier to build and maintain relationships with customers, suppliers and partners.