Ross ERP – Contracts & Chargebacks

Time pressures, high transaction volumes and stringent data accuracy requirements can make it extremely difficult for manufacturers to manage chargebacks – especially if you’re a small- or mid-size manufacturer working with Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) contracts. This Contracts & Chargebacks module for Ross ERP addresses key challenges, including data volumes, non-standard pricing, management fees and rebates, and regulatory compliance. When each un-validated chargeback erodes your margin and quickly leads to significant financial losses, the stakes are high. By automating the chargeback validation process and maintaining up-to-date information on contracts, prices, and memberships, manufacturers can ensure that only valid credits are authorised and processed – reducing labor volume and unauthorised deductions.


Key Features

  • Automated Chargeback Validation
  • Contracts
  • Prices
  • Memberships
  • Management Fees and Rebates
  • Non-standard Pricing
  • Standard EDI Transactions
  • Reporting and Analysis


Contracts & Chargebacks in ROSS ERP benefit your business with:

  • Automated Solutions – Effective contract management, up-to-date memberships and pricing, automatic chargeback validation, automated updates to AR and GL, plus automatic fee and rebate accruals.
  • Smart Functionality & Analysis – Standard EDI transactions (844, 845, 849), plus fee and rebate payment validations. Comprehensive reporting and analysis, including Medicare and Medicaid reporting.


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