Ross ERP – Financial Management

Ross ERP Financial Management equips you to effectively manage your business operations across multiple companies, divisions, and individual sites. The modules incorporate proven, industry-specific practices that make sense for process manufacturers. The applications provide the flexibility and functionality you need to manage large multi-national enterprises, or small- to medium-sized businesses in dynamic environments.


Key Features

  • Chart of Accounts
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Fiscal Calendars
  • Vendor and Customer Diaries
  • Future Progression Dates
  • Invoices from Sales
  • Invoices from PO’s
  • Financial Reports
  • Statistics


Financial Management can help your business – 

  • Stay Flexible – Manage your business in key areas, including the chart of accounts, currencies, fiscal calendars, balance types, and accounting periods. Meet local business requirements while streamlining global consolidation and analysis capabilities.
  • Keep Track of Customers – Create vendor and customer diaries to help you manage your business more efficiently. Diary entries can be set with future progression dates to remind users to follow up on various tasks.
  • Go Everywhere in Every Currency – Span international markets and support local languages, currencies, accounting, and regulatory requirements. All multi-currency transactions give you the originating currency value, the base currency, and the conversion rate.
  • Increase Efficiency – Reduce or eliminate re-keying by automatically creating invoices from sales or purchase orders. Share data – such as payment terms, bank codes, and customer and supplier information – across all applications.
  • Create Reports Your Way – Create detailed and accurate financial reports, such as profit and loss statements, that are organized by product or job/activity.
  • Manage Costs – Allocate overhead costs to a specific product based on statistics, and in the same way allocate expenses incurred in payroll back to manufacturing.


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