Manufacturers must have the ability to adapt to change in our dynamic global market place.

ERP solutions as a must should cater for fast moving and adaptable business environments while enabling the business to maintain control and visibility.

Not all ERP solutions are equal!

At Aspera Solutions we deliver state of the art ERP to support all manufacturing methods, including discrete, process, make to order, make to stock, engineer to order, make to demand, bespoke manufacturing and mixed mode manufacturing.

The ERP’s solution-fit for your company’s specific manufacturing processes will need to have very real & tangible implications for the business benefits derived, including instant Return On Investment and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Our ERP solutions enable Manufacturers to meet current challenges head on;

  • Achieve Growth & Profitability while meeting Customer expectations against competition.
  • Reduce Production & Supply Chain Costs
  • Improve Process Efficiency & Product Quality
  • Satisfy changing customer demands & regulatory requirements
  • Optimise Manufacturing Procedures in order to deliver lean processes
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Enable Business Integration & Collaboration
  • Improve On-time Delivery performance


The ERP solutions we provide are built to deliver the diverse functional requirements of a manufacturing business.  Standard and fully embedded features include;


Engineer to OrderProject ManagementMixed Mode ManufacturingSupply Chain Performance
Graphical SchedulingAdvanced PlanningForecast & Master SchedulingEngineering Change Control
CAD & PDM IntegrationEstimation & QuotationCase ManagementEmbedded CRM
Plant MaintenanceReal Time Job Costing Variance AnalysisEmbedded Analytics
KPI Dashboard BuilderQuality AssuranceManagement of MaterialsReal Time Reporting


Our ERP solutions can help manufacturing companies with;

  • Systems that are immediately Productive and Easy to Use
  • Embedded collaboration across the supply chain
  • Software designed to support Lean Initiatives – Lean Principles
  • Flexibility, Agility, Scalability
  • Business Anywhere – Global Solutions – Local Enterprises
  • Responsive ERP that is as mobile as you
  • Workflow automation and orchestration
  • Built with a focus on manufacturing

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