“I want process control, efficiencies and best practice that are delivered by ERP but cannot find a system that fits my business!”


Aspera Solutions deliver ERP systems built on leading edge technologies that allow delivery of ‘out of the box’ ERP with a tool kit that support configuration of screens and business processes to meet any company requirements and procedures.


The configuration tool kit is delivered as a component of the application and allows for tailoring of ERP, and Systems Integration, without impacting the core solution, thus maintaining system integrity, an open upgrade path and a significantly lower cost of ownership.


Our ERP solutions are built to deliver the diverse functional requirements of a business.  Standard and fully embedded features include;

  • SOA .Net Architecture – Flexibility and agility, instant connectivity.
  • Configuration Toolkit – Wizard driven screen and database modification.
  • Business Process and Workflow Tools – Wizard base logic and workflow rules.
  • System Integration Workflow and Orchestration – Graphical workflow automation and systems integration.
  • Non Invasive Customisation Tools – Modifications stored in the database layer. No impact on standard ERP logic.
  • Flexible and Customisable Interface – Multiple client, browser and mobile interface options available with a theme and style engine allowing full configurability.
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics – Multiple open reporting tools with connectivity to external data sources.
  • Technology as an Enabler – Systems that create opportunity rather than restrict capability.
  • Collaborative Platform – Open Microsoft Technologies with instant integration to productivity tools.
  • Open Platform (Database and Architecture) – Microsoft .Net SOA and SQL Technology platform.


Aspera Solutions can show you how our ERP systems can be easily tailored by trained super users to fit in any business environment, delivering all of the benefits of ERP while also delivering the unique requirements of your business.


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