What is ERP?

What is ERP?


When you Google “What is ERP?” the sheer volume of information you receive is overwhelming, we hope to make it easier to understand What ERP is and why a business would invest valuable time, resources and money on implementing an ERP solutions.

So what is ERP – here’s the definition:-

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is the system/process that is used by a business (often a manufacturer) to integrate under the one system/database.  An ERP management system integrates areas such as planning, production, product life-cycle, CRM, Sales Management, Field Service, finance, HR, Marketing, distribution and supply chain.


So what does ERP do for a business:-


The role of the ERP system is to connect multiple branches of an organisations information to the same database and thus empowering the management team of a business with the correct tools and applications


ERP is often referred to as a business transformation project allowing personnel to be placed where their skills best suit the business.


Aspera Powering Epicor ERP = Real time reporting enabling decisions to enable growth and meaningful business planning.


How do you know you need an ERP solution – When you business is experiencing the following:-

For the Management Team they may be experiencing –

  • Poor resource management
  • Difficulties in decision making
  • Lack of performance control
  • Constricted growth
  • Outdated technology
  • Falling behind the competition

For the Operation Team they may be experiencing –

  • High labour and inventory costs
  • High administrative cost
  • Extensive cycle times
  • Low productivity
  • Quality difficulties

For the IT Team, they may be experiencing –

  • High IT cost
  • Instability of IT infrastructure
  • Unadaptable or outdated technology

For the overall organisation may be experiencing

  • Lack of control
  • Disconnected communications and visions
  • Employees frustrated with current tools and systems
  • Time wasted on non-critical activities.


A successfully implemented ERP solution will remove and improve the pains above whilst also providing additional benefits to your organisation. Some of the common benefits of an ERP solution are:

  • Efficiency – Removal of manual and time-consuming tasks
  • Real-Time Reporting – Business decisions are enabled with real-time reporting resulting in “Better Business Decisions”
  • Mobility – Conduct your business anywhere
  • Improved Customer Service – streamlined processes improve customer timelines
  • Agility – business should have the ability to change with the moving global markets
  • Data Security – better user permission settings keeping all sensitive information protected


The typical modules available in ERP solutions are:


With an effective ERP solution, a company is able to automate time-consuming tasks which will increase efficiency and allow employees to focus on more critical business activities. ERP systems can unilaterally improve multiple sectors of a business.

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